Background Information

Gold Rush

"PBS American Experience: Gold Fever"

"As Precious As Gold"

"Klondike Gold Rush: The Perilous Journey North"

"The Klondike Gold Rush"

"Images from the Yukon"

"Children of the Gold Rush"

"Klondike Gold Rush Centennial"

Dog Sledding

"Sled Dogs: An Alaska Epic"

"Dog Sledding"

"Official Site of the Iditarod"

"Yukon Sled Dog Race 2007"

Weather Conditions

"Alaskan Climate Summaries"

"Yukon Geography, Climate, and Soil"

Please note: many of the resources under "Gold Rush" include information about the weather conditions during that time as well.

Dog Breeds

"American Kennel Club List of Breeds"

"All Purebred and Hybrid Dogs in ABC Order"


"NOVA Online: Wild Wolves"

"Wolf Education and Research Center"

"The Wolves"

Panning for Gold

"How to Pan for Gold: Simple Gold Panning Instructions"

"How to Pan for Gold"

Native American Interaction with Gold Seekers

"Californian Indian Gold Rush History"

"Yukon Indians and the Gold Rush"

Call of the Wild Video Clips

"Call of the Wild"

"Call of the Wild: Howl, Buck!"

"Wolves Call of the Wild"