Character Description
  • Main character
  • St. Bernard/Scotch Shepherd
  • Buck is kidnapped from Judge Miller's estate and is sold to become a sled dog in the Alaskan wilderness
Judge Miller
  • Buck's first owner
  • Owns an estate in Santa Clara Valley, CA
  • Japanese pug
  • Judge Miller's dog
  • Mexican hairless
  • Judge Miller's dog
  • Buck's father
  • St. Bernard
  • Judge Miller's loyal companion
Mollie and Alice
  • Judge Miller's daughters
  • Judge Miller's gardener's helper
  • Kidnaps Buck
Man with the red sweater
  • Experienced dog trainer in Seattle
  • First person to ever beat Buck
  • Teaches Buck the "law of the club"
  • French Canadian man
  • Bought Buck from the man with the red sweater
  • Delivers messages for the Canadian Government throughout the Alaskan wilderness
  • French Canadian man
  • Perrault's partner
  • In charge of driving the dog sled team
  • Newfoundland
  • Bought at the same time as Buck
  • Killed by other husky dogs
  • Leader of the dog sled team
  • Big, white dog from Spitzbergen
  • Fights with Buck for power
  • Experienced wheeler dog on the sled team
  • Indifference toward other dogs, likes to be left alone
  • Fair and very wise
  • Husky on the sled team
  • Brother of Joe
  • Good natured, friendly
  • Husky on the sled team
  • Brother of Billee
  • Mean and unfriendly
  • Old, experienced husky on the team
  • Name means "Angry One"
  • Has only one eye
  • Dog on the sled team
  • Always getting caught for wrongdoing
  • Dog on the sled team
  • Always pretending that he is sick in order to avoid work
  • Husky added to the team
  • Goes mad and attacks Buck and the other dogs
Teek and Koona
  • Two huskies added at Rink Rapids
  • Both learn quickly from Buck
Scotch master
  • Takes over the sled team after Perrault and Francois leave to follow new government orders
  • Uses the sled team to deliver mail to and from Dawson
  • Treats the dogs fairly
  • Middle-aged American man
  • Bought Buck and the rest of the sled team to search for gold
  • Inexperienced with dog sledding
  • 20-year-old American man
  • Charles's partner and brother-in-law
  • Mistreats the dogs
  • Inexperienced with dog sledding
  • Charles's wife
  • Hal's sister
  • Spoiled and quarrelsome
  • Rides on the dog sled adding extra weight because she does not want to walk
John Thornton
  • Saves Buck's life
  • Buck grows to love John deeply
Hans and Pete
  • John Thornton's partners
  • Travel with John Thornton in search of gold in the Yukon
  • John Thornton's dog
  • Irish setter
  • Good natured and friendly
  • John Thornton's dog
  • Half-bloodhound, half-deerhound
  • Good natured and friendly
"Black" Burton
  • Evil-tempered and malicious man
  • Attacks Thornton at Circle City
  • Attacked by Buck
  • Makes a $1600 bet with John Thornton that Buck will not be able to pull 1,000 pounds on a sled for 100 yards
Jim O'Brien
  • Long-time friend of Thornton
  • Lends Thornton $1000 for his side of the bet on Buck
The Skookum Bench king
  • Man who offers to buy Buck for $1,200 right after Buck wins the bet
Buck's wild wolf "brother"
  • Wild timber wolf
  • Urges Buck to join him and live as a wild wolf in the forest
  • Native Americans who attack John Thornton's camp, killing him and his other dogs
  • Many are savagely killed by Buck in revenge
  • Believe that Buck is the "Evil Spirit"
  • Also call Buck the "Ghost Dog"
  • Even after many years, they never return to the valley where John Thornton's camp was because they fear the "Evil Spirit"