Place Description Context in the Story
Santa Clara Valley
  • Located in the San Francisco Bay area of California
  • 40 miles south of San Francisco
  • Judge Miller's estate is located in the Santa Clara Valley
  • The novel begins here
  • This is where Buck lives peacefully
  • Buck refers to the Santa Clara Valley as part of the "Southland"
Klondike River
  • Located in the Yukon Territory of Canada
  • After gold was discovered in the Klondike River, the Gold Rush began in 1897
  • People living on the West Coast of the United States traveled and settled north into Alaska and into the Yukon Territory in Canada in search of gold
  • Buck is kidnapped during the time of the Gold Rush
  • Buck travels throughout Alaska and the Yukon Territory as a sled dog
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San Francisco, California
  • Located on the northwestern coast of California
  • One of the largest cities in California
  • The city prospered during the Gold Rush because so many people traveled through the city on their way north to Alaska and to the Yukon Territory
  • After Manuel kidnaps Buck, Buck is sent to San Francisco by train and is passed from one set of handlers to another
  • Buck refers to San Francisco as part of the "Southland"
Seattle, Washington
  • Located on the northwestern coast of Washington
  • Last stop for many travelers who were headed to Canada and to Alaska
  • Known as the "Gateway to Alaska and the Orient" during the Gold Rush
  • From San Francisco Buck again travels north by train to Seattle
  • Seattle is where Buck encounters the man in the red sweater
  • Perrault and Francois buy Buck from the man in the red sweater in Seattle
  • Buck refers to Seattle as part of the "Southland"
Queen Charlotte's Sound
  • A body of water in the Pacific Ocean between Seattle, Washington and British Columbia
  • When Buck, Francois, Perrault, and the other dogs leave Seattle and head to Dyea, Alaska, they cross Queen Charlotte's Sound in the boat the Narwhal
Dyea, Alaska
  • A booming town during the days of the Gold Rush
  • Located ten miles north of Skaguay
  • One of the routes, The Dyea or Chilkoot Pass, left out of Dyea and brought travelers to the Klondike River
  • Today, Dyea is a ghost town
  • Buck's experience as a sled dog begins in Dyea
  • Buck witnesses Curly's death in Dyea
Chilkoot Pass (also known as Dyea Pass)
  • A dangerous route that led from Dyea, Alaska to the Klondike River region in Canada's Yukon Territory
  • Buck travels the Chilkoot Pass with Perrault, Francois, and the team of sled dogs
Lake Le Barge
  • Lake Le Barge is where the Yukon River widens just north of Whitehorse
  • It is possible to float all the way to Dawson City from this lake
  • Spitz trespasses on Buck's nest, and they fight along Lake Le Barge
  • Starving huskies attack the camp here
Thirty Mile River (Yukon River)
  • A river that starts at the end of the Chilkoot Pass and leads straight to Dawson City
  • This was the most treacherous part of the sled team's journey with Perrault and Francois
  • It takes Buck and the rest of the sled team six days to cover the 30 miles
  • The Pelly River is a headstream of the Yukon River
  • Many gold-seekers found their fortune on the Pelly river during the Klondike Gold Rush
  • On the way to Dawson, Dolly goes mad and is put down at Pelly
Dawson City, Canada
  • Located where the Klondike River meets the Yukon River in Canada's Yukon Territory
  • Once called the "Paris of the North" because of all of the activity there during the Gold Rush
  • Buck and the team of dogs travel to Dawson city multiple times throughout the story
  • Also known as "Takhini"
  • The Tahkeena River is a part of the Yukon River system
  • There were police quarters here during the time of the Gold Rush
  • Buck leads a rabbit chase here
  • In a final savage fight, Buck kills Spitz
Rink Rapids
  • Settlement along the roughest section of the Yukon River
  • Perrault and Francois buy Teek and Koona here
Skaguay, Alaska
  • Another booming city during the gold rush
  • Here was the start of the White Pass, a less dangerous route to the Klondike Region than to the Chilkoot Pass
  • Buck's journey with Perrault and Francois ends in Skaguay
  • The Scotch master takes over Buck and the rest of the sled team in Skaguay
  • Later in the story, Buck and the sled team are sold to Charles, Hal, and Mercedes in Skaguay
Cassiar Bar
  • Location of a small settlement along the Yukon River
  • The Scotch master allows the team to stop for a rest at Cassiar Bar
  • Dave dies shortly after setting out from Cassiar Bar
Five Fingers
  • The Five Finger Rapids is one of the obstacles on the journey along the Yukon River to Dawson
  • Four islands at the Rapids force the swift and turbulent currents to divide in five narrow channels, making the journey very dangerous
  • The team runs out of food and the dogs are given horse-hide to eat here
White River
  • The White River is one of the Yukon River's tributaries
  • Loaded with copper
  • The team meets John Thornton here
  • Thornton saves Buck's life
  • The rest of the team falls through the ice
Circle City, Alaska
  • Two hundred miles up-river from Dawson City
  • Circle City was a supply point for goods shipped up the Yukon River and then overland to the gold mining camps
  • Even before the Gold Rush, Circle City was already the largest mining town on the Yukon
  • A man attempts to attack John Thornton in a bar in Circle City
  • Buck comes to John's rescue
Forty-Mile Creek
  • A treacherous river in Canada's Yukon Territory
  • John Thornton falls overboard in the Forty-Mile Creek
  • Buck saves him from drowning
  • Located to the west of Canada
  • People in search of gold had to travel through Alaska in order to reach the Yukon Territory in Canada
  • All the travel through Alaska encouraged the development of cities such as Dyea and Skaguay
  • Travelers would follow the Chilkoot Pass or the White Pass beginning in Alaska and ending in Canada's Yukon Territory
  • Buck travels throughout Alaska as a sled dog
  • Buck refers to Alaska as the "Northland"
Yukon Territory
  • A territory located in Canada that is east of Alaska
  • The Klondike River is located in this territory
  • Thousands of people traveled and settled here during the Gold Rush
  • Buck and the sled team travel throughout the Yukon Territory
  • Buck refers to this land as the "Northland"