Many Humans were dying from the cold winter because they did not have fire to help them survive. Coyote wanted to help the Humans, and he devised a plan to steal fire from the selfish Fire Beings. Coyote gathered Chipmunk and Robin to help him carry out his plan. The animals worked as a team and stole a burning branch out of the fire. The Fire Beings were outraged and chased after the animals. As the Fire Beings got closer and closer, Robin dropped fire, and Wood swallowed fire up. Wood refused to return fire, so the Fire Beings gave up and went home to their mountaintop. However, Coyote came up with a plan; he knew how to get fire out of Wood. He took Wood to the vllage and taught the Humans how to rub Wood against another stick to make fire. Humans finally had fire and could survive the winter!